Lorde on How Fame Has Turned Her Into One of the ‘Royals’



Lorde was wrong when she sang “we’ll never be royals” … at least, when it comes to herself.

In the new issue of Rolling Stone, the 17-year-old opens up about how “weird” it is that her No. 1 single — about not having the “luxe” life of champagne, diamonds, and jet planes — has turned her into one of those “Royals.”

“It’s a really weird thing to write a song like ‘Royals’ and then go through something like this, which changes your entire world and way of living and changes what you do every day,” Lorde explains. “And then you find yourself writing and being in a completely new stratosphere in terms of what you’re talking about and how you approach certain subjects. So it has been weird.”

The New Zealand native — who has been nominated for four Grammys — also opens up about her gothic style and how it’s perceived. “The way I dress and carry myself, a lot of people find it intimidating. I think my whole career can be boiled down to the one word I always say in meetings: strength.”

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