‘The Body Book’ Author Cameron Diaz’s Tips on Living a Healthy Life


Cameron Diaz phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to chat about her debut as an author, The Body Book, and revealed that she wrote the book because she wants women everywhere to understand the way their bodies work.

The actress — who is well known for keeping a fit figure — explains the book is “about understanding your body on a cellular level … you have to start really small, so you can understand how it works on the bigger picture and … it’s about understanding the balance of nutrition and energy intake.”

But Cameron didn’t always have this knowledge. “I grew up just like everybody else,” she admits. “I grew up on junk food, fast food, drive-thru’s … if you are what you eat, I was a bean burrito with extra cheese, extra sauce, no onions.”

And her food habits had a major impact on her body. “At that time, my skin was really, really bad … the way my body handled it was pushing it out of my skin … once I started changing my diet and what I ate … I realized it did change my whole body,” Cameron says.

So what are some things every women out there can do to better herself?

First off, Cameron says, “comparison is a brutal assault upon oneself,” so stop sizing yourself up to other women … herself included!

If you work at a desk, Cameron recommends getting up every 20 minutes and adds “you have to keep consistently moving.”

She also says that she keeps Sundays as her “food day.” She explains: “It’s a day I cook all the good food for the rest of the week … If you eat the proper food all day long you can have those little bits of what people consider a cheat.”

Another thing Cameron wants everyone to do is get better shut-eye. “People have a hard time sleeping and sleep is so important,” she explains. “Repair to our body happens when we are sleeping and a lot of people aren’t getting to REM sleep and a lot of it is because we sit on screens.” The blonde goes on to say the light from our computer or phone screens keeps our body from creating melatonin, which prevents us from entering a deep sleep.

For more health tips from Cameron, listen to the full interview above and  get your copy of The Body Book here!