Julia Roberts Talks Oscar Nom and Fighting Meryl Streep


Julia Roberts scored her fourth Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress on Thursday for her new movie August: Osage County and she tells On Air with Ryan Seacrest it felt like “Christmas day!”

The actress phoned into the show and revealed where she was when she found out she was nominated early that morning. “I was stirring. I get up pretty early, but it was one of those things where I went to turn off my alarm clock before it went off and I saw my cellphone light up that someone was calling, so it was a nice way to start the day.”

And despite having won an Oscar previously in 2000 for Erin Brockovich, Julia insists she’s not jaded. “It is exciting,” she says. “And for this movie in particular, I just feel like it was such a great effort on everybody’s part and just the whole experience has been a dream.”

Included in “everybody” is award-winning actress Meryl Streep, who was a big reason why Julia wanted to take on the film in the first place.

“Absolutely [she played a part in me accepting the role]. Well, she is that actor who somewhere in the back of every actor’s mind you think, ‘One day! One day! That’s the dream.'”

When it came to their much talked-about fight scene in the movie, Julia explains: “We are really battling it out in a way that’s pretty, pretty fun stuff. [It] was just incredible and she’s so awesome … And she’s got guts! She was up for just about anything in this movie and it just made it very fun and exciting and for her to get nominated [too] … I don’t know, it’s just thrilling. It’s like Christmas day.”

Julia goes on to say there were no ground rules when it came to the fight scene with Meryl. “Not for her!,” Julia laughs. “I wanted to set some, but she was looking for it to be 100 percent.”

Off-screen though, the two became close as Meryl would have Julia over for dinners after a long day of shooting. Julia reveals that she’d bring her script and a pot of something. “I think I would bring soup or a little salad or side dish. She usually had the main [dish]. I don’t know how she managed to get home faster, showered, changed, and cook [though]–she really is super woman! I don’t know how she did it!”

So how does someone like Julia choose her movie roles? “I guess I’m kind of working with the same compass I always have, which is just an instinct,” she says. “It’s just a feeling I have when I finish a script. It’s either a profound sense of pursuit or a very gentle sense of ‘This is not something I need to make part of my life.’ It’s always been very clear to me.”

We have to admit, we think her compass is right on as well!

Catch August: Osage County out in theaters now!