‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Recap: Kris ‘Steals’ Kim’s BFF


The second part of the Season 9 premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired on Monday night … and it was just as entertaining as Sunday’s episode!

Khloe is still dealing with the ending of her marriage, and her mother Kriswho is going through a split herself — really feels for her daughter. “Six months ago, she had a husband a family, and a bond I thought would be unbreakable,” she tells Kim. “I don’t know what’s going to happen and it scares the s**t out of me.”

Kim’s BFF Jonathan Cheban is in town and he wants to hit up all the hotspots … but the new mom is not so keen on the nightlife. In her place, Kris decides to hang out with Jonathan. Their first stop: Hot Dog on a Stick. As Kim hides in the car from the paparazzi, the new besties head into the mall for some high-calorie meaty goodness … and a merry-go-round ride. They also make a pact to go to Sonoma for wine tasting.

In addition to all the marital issues in the family, Kourtney and Scott are facing their own problems and the two head to therapy. Because he feels neglected by the mother of his two children, the doctor thinks he should get a hobby to boost his serotonin levels. So what does Scott decide to do? Karate, of course. (Well, actually he fakes it.)

Kris and Jonathan tell Kim they’re going shopping … and they hop a flight to San Francisco! While there, they go to a vineyard owned by former Bachelor Ben Flajnik, who Kris has been linked to post-Bruce. The trio drink wine, ride bikes, and lunch together in the countryside. Although Kris says she’s had “the best time,” she decides she needs to return to her family in Los Angeles.

Once they arrive back home, Kim lets them know she’s not happy she was excluded from their fun. “I just don’t understand why you guys would lie to me about where you were,” she tells them. How did she know what was going on? Kris and Jonathan told her they were in Malibu … but then they Instagrammed photos from Sonoma.

“We felt bad,” Kris explains. “We felt like maybe you would get jealous.” “I’m not mad about that,” Kim tells them. “Just don’t lie. Like, I don’t have time for it … all forgiven.”

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