‘Shahs of Sunset’ Recap: MJ Comes Between GG and Her Sister


The Shahs of Sunset are gearing up for their trip to Turkey … but will their friendships survive until then?

GG and MJ are still at each other’s throats, although GG has convinced those close to her that she wasn’t in the wrong during her fight with MJ at the racetrack last week. If that wasn’t enough, Lilly is also arguing with MJ, which makes her unsure if she should even go on the trip.

But Lilly will have to deal with Reza first. He plans a lunch for the two to figure out why he hasn’t heard from her in months. “I feel like I’m going to meet a boyfriend who dumped me who I’m still in love with,” he says.

During their conversation, Reza tells Lilly that after her fight with MJ, “You left. No smoke signal, no email, no nothing. I was hurt.” Lilly explains that she’s not keen on going to Turkey with the group, but “at the same time, I don’t want to offend Asa.” Still, she decides not to go.

But the biggest blowup happens when GG visits her sister Leila as she’s moving … and her nemesis MJ is hiding in the kitchen! “I’m done with you, I just want you to know that,” GG tells Leila. “I’m done with you!”

“We’re literally days away from going to Turkey and MJ and GG are still at one another’s throats,” says Reza. “We’re going to be on a plane together. Locked in this metal tube in the air for hours and hours, These two bit**es better make up or my life is going to be hell for the next week.”

Next week, the Shahs go to Turkey … and in a preview for the episode, relationships take a surprising turn.

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