Drew Barrymore Talks New Book, Working With Adam Sandler Again


Drew Barrymore phoned into On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about her latest book, Find It In Everythinga compilation of photographs of heart-shaped items she has come across in everyday life.

The pregnant actress explains that the idea came about when she was going back through thousands of photos she’s taken over the years.

“How it sort of happened, in a nut shell, was I was archiving 30,000 images I’ve taken over the past 20 years and when we started to look through everything we kept coming across all the images of things I had found heart shapes in,” says Drew. “My favorite being like a scallion in a miso soup or a tear in someone’s t-shirt … things that if you don’t catch them right then and there, they’re just gone … So we put all those pictures up on a wall and it seemed like a little curated collection … and it’s been a long time in the making!”

The actress, who has a seriously positive vibe, goes on to explain: “I love we can discover good things in funny places!”

However the upbeat mom to daughter Olive, who has another baby girl on the way, laughs and assures us: “I [do] have a dark side, I promise … I totally get depressed. I get overwhelmed. I get stressed. I get frustrated.”

And when she’s frustrated the one person she turns to is BFF Cameron Diaz, who also recently released her first hardback, The Body Book.

“She just came over the over night … and I have watched her very closely create her book over the past few years and everyone needs to go buy her book,” Drew gushes. “She’s genetically gifted, but she’s really had to work at things and she really believes in these things and she’s really learned about these things. I love her and I support her book like nobody out there … she’s my sister.”

Aside from working on Find It In Everything and expanding her family, Drew’s also found the time to reunite on the big screen with Adam Sandler for the third time.

“It had been like three years since I made a movie because I needed to take time off to create my family,” Drew shares, “but I got back to work with my cinematic soul mate Adam Sandler and we made this film called Blended and it comes out Memorial Day, and I just couldn’t be more proud and excited about this film.”

Blended revolves around Barrymore and Sandler as mis-matched single parents who independently arrive at the same luxury resort in Africa with their families.

“I think it’s as good as the films we’ve made,” Drew says of Blended. “And it’s where Adam and I are at in life. It’s about kids. It’s about family. But it’s really, really funny and then it sneaks up and pulls at your heart strings and gets the emotions going.”

Until Blended hits theaters in May, get your copy of Find It In Everything here!