Lance Bass Didn’t Tell *NSYNC He Was Making New Music


Lance Bass is taking on a solo career!

The former *NSYNC member just released the new Anise K track, “Walking on Air,” featuring Bella Blue and Snoop Dogg.

The release marks the first new music we’ve heard from Lance in 12 years. In fact, he says the project came together so quickly, he didn’t have much time to share the news with his former bandmates.

So did he warn them at all?

“No, I didn’t even tell the guys I was in the studio recording!” Lance tells On Air with Ryan Seacrest. “I told them the day after. [But] you know, they’re very supportive and Chris Kirkpatrick has been trying to get me in the studio for the past 10 years, so he’s going to be very happy I actually did it.”

Check back in Friday when we’ll catch up with Lance on air and world premiere his music video for “Walking on Air” right here on