Lance Bass Talks Justin Bieber’s Arrest and His Wedding Details


Lance Bass phoned into On Air with Ryan Seacrest to hype the release of his music video for his new single “Walking On Air and revealed everything from his upcoming wedding details to who JC Chasez should date and even why he thinks Justin Bieber has gone down the wrong path.

Before we get to all of that, the former *NSYNC member explained why it’s taken him so long to release new music. “It’s been almost like 12 years since I’ve been in the studio. I kind of like detoured my career a little bit … The last 10 years I really got into TV and film … and all those projects are now finally hitting the air this year.”

Along with a Lifetime show premiering in March and an upcoming scripted show for E! hitting the air this year as well, Lance is also planning a wedding to beau Michael Turchin!

“It’s crazy because with two guys planning a wedding, it’s a little harder because we’re guys,” Lance laughs. “But we are slowly getting it together. We hope to walk down the aisle maybe this coming fall.”

And when it comes to the location, the singer reveals it’ll most definitely be in California and we can expect him to take on the role of wedding singer at some point during the occasion.

“I’m a musician, so I’ll have a huge stage there with some good surprise guests and of course I’ll be jumping on that stage with other drunk people that will be there.”

As for his former bandmates, the only single one left is JC Chasez! So who should he date? “JC, he loves exotic girls, that’s definitely his taste. He’s had some pretty good-looking women and I think he’s actually single right now, so yeah, he needs to be hooked up.”

When it comes to Justin Bieber, who was arrested early on Thursday morning in Miami for DUI, driving with an expired license, and resisting arrest, Lance admits it’s different now for young stars than it was back in the day with *NSYNC.

“It was a lot easier when there was no social media,” Lance sympathizes. “I mean everyone is staring at you now with their cameras. But the difference for me and Justin and what we went through, is I had four of my best friends around me that kept me down to earth. And with Justin, it’s different because he’s solo, and obviously he surrounds himself with a lot of ‘yes men’ that won’t tell him ‘no’ and I think that’s why he’s going down the path he’s going down. We always surrounded ourselves with good people, good family that would really tell us the truth.”

And surely those good people are now even more proud of Lance with his hit new track “Walking On Air,” which he went on to say he had to get his hands on knowing it’d be a “smash hit” the moment he heard it.

Check out the music video above and click here to download “Walking On Air” on iTunes now.