The Hawk in Paris Peeks Inside the Mind in Trippy ‘Freaks’ Video


The Hawk in Paris — Dan Haseltine, Matt Bronleewe, Jeremy Bose — have finally unveiled the mind-bending music video for their hit single, “Freaks,” and has the exclusive premiere.

The Grant Howard directed-clip takes fans inside an ’80s-inspired soirée with casually-dressed house guests whose faces are swapped with obscure — yet artistic — projections of sunsets, television static, flocks of birds, and bees.

The video, driven by mid-tempo beats, evokes an enigmatic, “dark pop” vibe with the inclusion of lyrics like: “We have a flair for the shade and the in between / we like to run with the wolves from the darker scene.”

“The idea [for the music video] was like, ‘What’s truly going on inside people’s heads?'” Matt tells “So here we have this song about outsiders and trying to fit in and everything, so we were kind of playing with this idea — colliding the imaginative world in our heads and the reality of what’s around us.”

The song, which premiered on “The Lady Killer” episode of Pretty Little Liars, also serves as the title track for their ’90s trip-hop and ’80s synth-influenced debut album, Freaks, available on iTunes now.

For more information on The Hawk in Paris, fans can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the debut of “Freaks” on Pretty Little Liars: