Paramore Break 10 World Records in ‘Ain’t It Fun’ Video


Paramore is breaking records in their video, but not the kind we’ll be seeing on the charts any time soon.

In the band’s new music video for “Ain’t It Fun,” off their 2013 self-titled album, the trio — Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis, and Taylor York — set out to break 10 off-beat records, including being the fastest to destroy 30 alarm clocks with guitars, catching the most feathers in 30 seconds, and walking backwards for 30 feet carrying stuffed animals while being blindfolded.

Paramore is also asking their fans to break some records of their own throughout the month of February, via

Next up for the Nashville-based rockers is their joint summer tour with Fall Out Boy, Monumentour, which kicks off June 19 in Hartford, Connecticut.

But before then, Hayley joined the “Dance, Dance” band for a VH1 performance the same day “Ain’t It Fun” dropped on Wednesday.