‘Shahs of Sunset’ Recap: Turkey Trip Brings Everyone Together


The Shahs are definitely not on Sunset anymore!

On Tuesday night’s episode, the gang — minus Lilly — head to Turkey to be near their native country, Iran, and for Asa to see her relatives. Everyone’s hope is that it will bring them closer, especially MJ and GG, who have bee at each other’s throats for weeks.

“I think the way we are now is as good as it’s going to get,” says GG at dinner … and then she and MJ continue to argue. Still, Mike gets the two to agree that they do love each other, and MJ even apologizes for calling GG’s parents and telling them horrible things about their daughter. “I don’t like to apologize, but I do want forgiveness,” she says.

Despite a fun day of sightseeing in Istanbul, including the gorgeous Hagia Sophia, Mike says he is just not connecting to the country. After Reza notices he is not having a good time, Mike admits, “Being a Jewish man in Istanbul, I felt alone.”

The women, meanwhile, had quite the opposite reaction and hugged and cried together during the call to prayer. The trio, along with Reza, then decide to go inside the mosque, and after fighting the pushing and shoving, they have another special moment once they see the beauty of the architecture.

But Asa is disappointed when she was told she couldn’t go into the main area to pray because she was a woman. “It doesn’t make sense,” she says, but obeys the rules.

That night, Asa’s mom arrives in Turkey to be reunited with her sister and her children and grandchildren. When the family finally comes over, it’s nothing but hugs, kisses, and tears as the generations reunite after decades.

Can the Shahs uphold the spirit of their trip and remain on good terms once they return to Los Angeles? Time will tell …

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