A Great Big World Explain Story Behind Hit ‘Say Something’


The men behind A Great Big World — Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino — phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about their newfound success and finally reveal the story behind their hit song, “Say Something.”

Ian, who met Chad nine years ago at New York University, recently performed at Clive Davis’ Grammy party and admitted the experience so far has been “surreal.” So much so, “It still doesn’t even feel real.”

The duo rose to fame after Christina Aguilera lent her vocals to a rendition of their song “Say Something,” which generated headlines when people realized The Voice judge replaced Chad’s original vocals. But he insists there are no hard feelings.

So what’s the story behind the touching song? “I feel like Ian was invested more when we started writing it,” Chad explains. “Ian was definitely heartbroken the whole way through [writing it]. I didn’t realize I was heartbroken until we started writing the song, like halfway through.”

As for the story behind Ian’s heartbreak, he admits, “There was this girl in my life and it went on for three years and it was unreciprocated. I thought it was something else and … I was younger and I felt something and it was painful but it made me feel alive and I think a lot of it was, I was afraid to let it go … I think about it now and I get the chills because it’s so crazy that’s the one that’s connecting to everybody and we felt so alone and now it’s like a healing song and people are listening to it and it’s helping them.”

But it all worked for Ian because he has since found love! In fact, he’s currently dating a girl he describes as “wonderful” and “so supportive of everything.”

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