Jennifer Lopez Returns to the Bronx for ‘Same Girl’ Music Video


American Idol judge and singer Jennifer Lopez is getting back to her roots in “Same Girl.”

On Thursday morning, J.Lo premiered the music video for her latest track, which features her going back to visit her hometown, New York City’s the Bronx.

When we last chatted with Jennifer, she revealed: “I was back in New York and I always had this idea — I’m wrapping up my album right now, we’re almost finished—and over Christmas I was like, ‘I’m going to relax. I’m not going to do anything. I’m just going to chill.’ But I always had this idea to go back with this one specific song called ‘Same Girl’ and to go back to the Bronx, to my old neighborhood, walk around and kind of like film what happens … the song is about getting back to your roots and remembering where you’re from.”

In the video, Jennifer sings, “Cause in the end, I’m still the same girl … I’m the same Jenny”, while donning jeans, a fur hoodie and New York Yankees baseball cap.

Jennifer shot the video guerilla-style, enlisting the help of her fans in the Bronx who were just going about their daily business when she happened to be walking by them.