Bud Light Commerical Star Ian Rappaport Talks ‘Surreal’ Experience


Bud Light created an overnight star with its latest Super Bowl commercial.

The spot, which is dubbed “Up For Whatever,” features 27-year-old Ian Rappaport who accepts a Bud Light from an attractive female in a bar and then goes on to live the best night of his life — which included meeting Don Cheadle in an elevator with a llama, playing table tennis with Arnold Schwarzenegger, getting styled by Minka Kelly, and even attending a private concert by OneRepublic.

Ian phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest and admitted that since the commercials aired, it’s been “pretty surreal.”

He explains he got into the situation when he thought he was doing focus groups and admits he “totally did not know” cameras were on him.

So when did he start thinking something was up?

Ian says he got a “weird feeling” when the woman he had walked into the bar with (who was a part of the focus group) took a phone call and went outside … and then an attractive female came in and offered Ian the beer and challenge.

“The hot Kelly girl sat across from me and that’s when I was like, this doesn’t happen everyday,” Ian laughs. “I knew something was up, but never knew it would be of this magnitude.”

Ian admits his favorite moment out of the entire crazy night was not only getting styled by Minka, but “acing” Arnold.

“It doesn’t show me actually acing him  but that was one of the best moments in my life.”

In case you were wondering, Ian does have a girlfriend, and despite the fact he got into a limo with seven other chicks, she’s been pretty cool about the whole situation.

“She’s all good. She’s been a great sport about everything,” Ian says. “Everybody who knows me knows the kind of guy I am … nobody could hate on this.”