Little Boy Cries While Listening to A Great Big World: Video


A Great Big World‘s “Say Something,” featuring Christina Aguilera, really is the ultimate tear-jerker.

In a new video that has quickly gone viral, a 4-year-old boy named Jackson sobs while listening to the song on the radio from his carseat … yet he doesn’t want his dad to change the station.

“Is it a sad song?” Mark Blitch asks his son, who nods while keeping his eye shut tight. “Give me a thumbs up that you’re okay,” the dad adds, just to make sure he’s not upsetting Jackson, who gives him two thumbs up.

“Don’t own the rights to the song obviously, but this is pretty sweet,” Mark writes in the video’s description on YouTube. “My four-year old heard the song come on, so I changed it. But he wanted it back on for some reason. Here is the first moment that he has been ‘moved'”