Teen Channels His Inner Miley Cyrus to Ask Her to Prom: Video


Arizona teen and Miley Cyrus superfan, Matt Peterson, is going out of his way to get the attention of the “Wrecking Ball” singer to invite her to his high school prom.

The hopeful fan and pop icon have somewhat of a history together: Miley picked Matt out of a crowd of people to hang out with her during a radio interview in 2009 and then pointed him out at her concert that same year. Now five years later, the 17-year-old hopes to repay the pop star by giving her “the best night of her life.”

A traditional invitation didn’t seem right to Matt, who stripped down to ask the 21-year-old singer to prom with the help of a foam finger. Matt, who is attending Miley’s BANGERZ tour in Phoenix, Arizona on February 27 will be waiting for Miley’s response with roses from his seat in the sixth row.

Do you think Miley should accept his invitation?