Miley Cyrus Reveals ‘Bangerz’ Tour Merchandise on Instagram


When Miley Cyrus released the teaser videos for her Bangerz Tour last fall, there was twerking, foam fingers, and everyone in the video had their own Miley swag … and now you can too!

The “#bangerzmerch,” as Miley calls it, has a fun, DIY vibe and the “Adore You” singer has been Instagramming and tweeting first looks of some of it.

Miley shared with her Smilerz a picture of a “Marry Me Miley” t-shirt which was modeled by her personal assistant, Cheyne Thomas, foam finger nail wraps, and one pair of white briefs which has the same open-mouth design as the t-shirt she wore in the preview videos for her tour.

In November, Miley called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to give details on her Bangerz tour.

“Literally my whole life is revolving around this tour right now,” she said. “Diane Martel … and I, we’re putting together this tour that’s going to be insane … The minute you step into my arena, the whole thing feels like your a part of this crazy different world and you step in to a show the minute you walk in the door, rather than it being a show when I come onstage. I just want the whole arena to always have a vibe and it to be fun and be a totally different experience and nothing that’s obviously traditional.”

Are you going to be rocking Miley’s Bangerz merchandise at her upcoming tour?