‘Shahs of Sunset’ Recap: So Close, Yet So Far From Iran


The Shahs of Sunset are still in Turkey … and still so close to the Iranian border.

After a waiter tells Asa that there is a special flight that will bring her to the border of her native country, she convinces Reza to come along with her and her mother. The group wake up at 3 a.m. to hop the flight to the bordertown, before they take another three-hour bus ride to their destination.

When Reza asks why they can’t go right up to the border of Iran, the tour guide says, “Because you’re Americans.”

As they take another bus ride to a Turkish hill that overlooks Iran, the group all sob. “I feel different,” says Asa. “I feel almost euphoric. Suddenly, it’s all coming together … this is so magical to me.”

Once they arrive back to the group, Asa and Reza excitedly recount their experience and present the “gifts” they got everyone … rocks.

On their last night in Turkey, everyone gathers to eat dinner with Asa’s Iranian family. MJ gets attached to the little cousins, prompting Reza to ask her if she wants kids. To his surprise, for the first time in their 20-year friendship, she says she does.

“I’ve never had a maternal instinct ever until this moment,” she reveals, with tears in her eyes. But finding a man and having a baby, she adds, “seems too far fetched.” She then runs to the bathroom to cry alone before Asa finds her and makes her admit what’s bothering her.

After some fresh air and a cigarette — and getting her heel stuck in a grate — MJ pulls it together and comes back inside to eat with everyone.

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