Ivy Levan Is a Sassy Pinup Girl in ‘Hang Forever’ Video: Watch


Cherrytree Recording artist  Ivy Levan, who recently performed with Sting on The Late Show With David Letterman, has released the psychedelic film noir video for her single, “Hang Forever,” and RyanSeacrest.com has the premiere.

The opening scene finds the old Hollywood-themed singer coming home and ranting to her maltese cat, Vamp. As the 26-year-old confesses to her feline friend, “I just want us to hang forever and ever,” the pinup girl falls asleep and slips into a trippy dream.

The Nicholaus Goossen-directed video is followed by shots of the Los Angeles-based singer serenading her now cat-man hybrid companion with the sassy commitment lyrics — inspired by the noose tattoo on her middle finger she got with her best friend.

“Hang Forever” is cut off the soulful singer’s debut EP, Introducing The Dame, available on iTunes now. The four-track collection also features her “Swamp Hop” gritty tracks, “Hot Damn,” “Money,” and “I Don’t Wanna Wake Up.”

For more information on this rising star — who has already peaked at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Next Big Sound Chart — fans can connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

Check out her “Drive My Car” duet with Sting on The Late Show With David Letterman below: