FINALS: Vote for Your Favorite Cover of One Direction’s ‘Story of My Life’


Welcome to the final round of‘s contest for Favorite Cover of One Direction‘s hit single, “Story of My Life.” We’ve narrowed down the competition to the top 7 fan favorites, and we need your help to crown the best rendition of the boy bander’s radio-reigning ballad.

Watch the videos below and voice your opinion by participating in our poll before we announce the winner on Monday, February 17. You can vote every 12 hours, so make sure to support your favorite artist by voting everyday.

Voting will close on Sunday, February 16. The cover artist who receives the most votes in this round will win the competition. The poll results will be hidden for the duration of the final round, and to ensure fairness to all contestants we have included an additional layer of security to the voting process. Start voting!

NOTE: Mobile users must first click VOTE in order to enter the captcha and then click VOTE one last time to finalize.


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Ciuffi Rossi

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Josh Levi

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The Vamps

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Connor Ball


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Tristian Evans


James McVey


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