‘Shahs of Sunset’ Finale: Lots of Baby Talk … and an Engagement!


It’s been a wild season of The Shahs of Sunset — from fighting and making up to re-thinking their lives and traveling to Turkey to bond together — and now, it’s coming to a close … at least, for now.

Reza‘s 40th birthday is coming up and he’s planning a huge party in Palm Springs with his closest friends and family, even Mike. After a workout, the two have a heart-to-heart about how their business relationship really affected their longstanding friendship, and in the end, Mike decides to go back to commercial real estate.

“Listen, we are gonna divorce like two people that have five kids that are babies and we still have to raise these babies,” Reza tells him. “If you want to share an office and each do our business separately, cool. If you wanna leave the office, cool … I love you like a brother and I want the best for you.”

Things don’t go as well during dinner with his girlfriend Jessica, who pushes for a ring sooner than later. When Mike tells her he wants to wait a few more years for his business to flourish, she tells him, “I don’t want to have kids with a 40-year-old.”

Jessica isn’t the only one with babies on the brain. GG goes with MJ to a fertility clinic to talk about freezing her eggs … and much to MJ’s dismay, she went to high school with the doctor. “You’re like my last friend I haven’t dragged in here to do this,” he tells MJ. Although she doesn’t find it funny, after GG’s exam, she goes back to the doctor’s office to talk about freezing her own eggs.

The crew all head to Palm Springs for Reza’s big birthday celebration, but little does his boyfriend Adam know that he’ll be getting a gift … a wedding proposal! “My biggest fear is that he’s going to be shocked and silent,” says Reza.

When it finally comes time for Reza’s birthday dinner, he’s very nervous, but excited to pop the question. No sooner does everyone sit down, he excuses himself to use the restroom, but comes back to the table with a present for Adam. “Is this for me?” he asks when he opens the red box and sees a gold ring inside. “I love you,” Reza tells him. “Will you marry me?”

The answer, of course, is yes!

Absent from all the festivities has been Lilly, who remained behind in Los Angeles. As everyone is having fun in Palm Springs, she’s shown alone in her condo eating food she ordered in. “If I could work on one thing it would be to not take things so personally and not hold grudges as big as my hair,” she says. “I regret pulling away from the group. To not have them not be a part of my life anymore is definitely sad.”

What did you think about this season of Shahs of Sunset?