13 Unforgettable Moments From Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ Tour


After 11 months and over 75 shows, we thought Taylor Swift’s Red tour had finally come to an end … until she announced an Asia leg on Thursday.

The “22” singer traveled across the U.S., Australia, and Europe and brought along some talented opening acts, including Ed Sheeran and Florida Georgia Line.

Before she heads back on the road in June, take a look back at 13 happy, heartwarming, and hilarious moments from her Red tour thus far:

1. When she sang “Jenny From The Block” with the real Jenny, Jennifer Lopez

2. When she blew her nose in front of 18,000 people

3. When she stopped mid-song to bring a young fan onstage

4. When she sneezed in the middle of her opening monologue 

5. When a male fan ran onstage and was quickly taken out by two security guards

6. When the Australian crowd sang “Happy Birthday Tay-la” on her 24th birthday

7. When she pushed her security out of the way so she can meet her fans

8. When she did a cute dance with her guitar player to “Stay Stay Stay”

9. When she showed how “Brave” she was by singing alongside Sara Bareilles

10. When Ed Sheeran dressed up as a clown during “We Are Never Getting Back Together”

11. When she started playing “Forever and Always” in the wrong key, and had to start all over

12. When her performance of “All Too Well” was so hot that it set off the fire alarm

13. When she proved “Anything Can Happen” by bringing Ellie Goulding onstage for “Burn” at her final show in London