‘Endless Love’ Actress Gabriella Wilde Wants to Do Indie Flick


Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you’re one of the many men who likely have yet to plan something for tonight, we’ve got the perfect idea for you – take your gal to see a good, ol’ romantic movie!

Amongst other movies hitting the big screen this weekend is Endless Love, the remake of the 1981 romance classic, this time starring rising actress Gabriella Wilde.

Gabriella is tasked with playing the role of an American high schooler, despite the fact she’s 24 and … British.

And the blonde tells Vanity Fair she’s pretty much ready to graduate from high school when it comes to her roles.

“My only experience with American things is through movies,” she shared. “I had to pick up the nuances from the other actors, so after two studio films I’d like to graduate from high-school parts, and maybe even try an independent film.”

Despite playing a teenager, Gabriella’s character still finds herself in some adult situations, especially when it comes to those intimate moments.

“It’s an intimidating thing,” she says. “The fact that the director [Shana Feste] is a woman helped calm me down for the big moments.”

Catch Endless Love out in theaters today!