A Great Big World Talk Follow-Up Song to ‘Say Something’


Ever wondered if the girl ever said “something” after hearing A Great Big World‘s hit song “Say Something“?

Well, Ryan has, so we got Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino on the phone on On Air with Ryan Seacrest to see if they’re coming up with a follow-up song.

“This is the question because we have no idea how to follow up that song,” joke the duo, who called in from Munich (check out the photo of them above at the airport baggage carousel).

Ian and Chad go on to say that if you need closure from the song, you can look to other tracks on their album Is There Anybody Out There?.

“I would say ‘I Really Want It’ or ‘Land of Opportunity‘ or we might have to write you a new song.”

Until then, check out the rest of their new music by downloading their album on iTunes here.