Adam Lambert Teases Upcoming ‘Glee’ Episode, Covers The Darkness


Just one day before the epic return of FOX’s Glee, Adam Lambert and his musical co-stars are heavily teasing the long-awaited episode with a behind-the-scenes trailer.

In the sneak peek shared by Adam on Twitter early Monday morning, the American Idol alum and Chris Colfer give Gleeks a quick synopsis of the “Frenemies” hour.

“This episode, I think it’s exploring the relationship of all the characters that are friends and hang out with each other, but they’re having some drama,” dishes the 32-year-old, who is also pulling a double-duty for FOX as an Idol mentor.

“Today we’re filming a scene in a guitar shop where Elliot takes Kurt to get a guitar,” Chris reveals about the rockstar-themed episode. “And since they’re there, why not do a huge song and dance number?”

Adam, who asks, “Do You know that song by The Darkness, ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love,’ in the preview, also shared the full rock ‘n’ roll rendition (below) with his Glamberts on Twitter.

Glee will return to its scheduled programming on Tuesday, February 25.