Justin Bieber Labeled ‘Bad Boy’ on the Cover of ‘Rolling Stone’


Justin Bieber has landed him on the cover of Rolling Stone‘s March issue … but it’s not exactly a positive piece.

Along with a shot of the singer shirtless during a concert, the headline reads: “Bad Boy: Why Justin Bieber Just Won’t Behave.”

Given Justin has been making headlines with his questionable behavior over the past year, the magazine decided to analyze what has led to his recent antics.

“After his night in jail, Bieber left Miami for Panama, with his gal pal Chantel Jeffries,” reads the article. “Usher, Bieber’s mother and [manger Scooter] Braun flew to Panama to have a serious talk about his the singer’s behavior, shipping Jeffries back to Miami. A source close to the Bieber camp said the trip wasn’t an intervention, but “a conversation, reminding him of the people who care about him, and to consider things to do about it.”

What do you think about Justin’s recent behavior? Are you still a Belieber?