Is That a ‘Divergent’ Tattoo on Ellie Goulding’s Shoulder?


We all know that Ellie Goulding is a big part of the Divergent movie … not only does she have four songs on the soundtrack, but she also served as the “musical voice” of main character Tris (Shailene Woodley).

But did she take it one step further?

On Wednesday, the “Burn” singer posted a selfie on Instagram, and in it, we can see what looks like the three-bird tattoo Tris gets in the book series to commemorate the family members she left behind to join the Dauntless faction.

Ellie didn’t give many other details, so it’s unclear if she really got the tattoo or if it’s temporary … perhaps to film the music video for her Divergent song, “Beating Heart“?

Divergent hits theaters on March 21.