The 10 Best Lines from ‘Mixology’

March 6, 2014 10:35 am

On the second episode of Mixology on Wednesday night, viewers got to know the 10 singles a little better, especially Ron and Liv, who met after his blind date went awry.

Although she’s engaged and her wedding invitation go out in the mail the following day, she’s taken by the English man … in fact, she can actually smell the castle in him.

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Check out the 10 funniest one-liners from the second episode:

“I still can’t believe Tommy got Maya’s number. Look at her, she’s so beautiful. It’s like if a cat was president. It literally makes no sense.” Cal after Maya agrees to give Tom her phone number

“Fifty seems kind of high, dude. I don’t think One Direction could pull 50 numbers in here.” — Bruce to Cal when he challenges Tom to get the numbers of 50 women at the bar

“I hate it when they barf in your stuff.” — Casey to Jessica after she tells her that her blind date vomited in her purse

“Look at that dress! It’s so red! You look like a tomato!” — Fab giving Jessica a back-handed comment

“Liv met Jim at the 59th Street Cat Adoption, which is a great place to meet guys … if you like dorks.” — Bruce on Liv’s fiancé

“My parole officer says if you’re heart goes pitter-patter, then it’s true love. Otherwise, you’re probably just stalking someone.” Carl to Liv

Cal: “Here is how you wingman. Make the point man look awesome and clear away the sad friend.”
Bruce: “Cute girls always have a sad friend that wants to go home, and she definitely has bangs.”

“His parents were the life of the party, which is a nice way of saying they were always drunk and never around.” Bruce on Ron’s posh upbringing in England

“My stylist calls it ‘Baby Cheetah.'” Ron on his natural hair color

“In all my years of smashing out beautiful a–, I’ve never seen wingman-ing that good in my life. It was a pleasure serving with you.” — Bruce to Tom after he helps Cal score a phone number