Courtney Love Stars in Fall Out Boy’s ‘Rat A Tat’ Video


After coming back with a bang in 2013 with their album Save Rock & RollFall Out Boy released the music video for their song “Rat A Tat” featuring none other than rocker Courtney Love.

In the video, an anti-music group led by Courtney captures and brainwashes lead singer Patrick Stump. Bassist Pete Wentz and drummer Andy Hurley suit up with a banjo crossbow and guitar-neck machete to come save him. The trippy video is the ninth installment of 11 that the band will release from their album in a series called the “Young Blood Chronicles.”

The Chicago-based alternative band recently announced their summer tour, Monumentour, featuring Paramore, which will kick off June 19 in Connecticut.

What do you think of Fall Out Boy’s new video?