Beyonce Encourages Girls to Be Ambitious in ‘Ban Bossy’ Campaign


Beyonce sings “Who run the world? Girls!” … And now she’s telling us once again!

The “XO” singer, along with  Jennifer Garner and many more powerful and influential women, has joined forces for Lean In Organization‘s latest campaign, Ban Bossy, to promote women empowerment through banning the word “bossy” to describe ambitious young girls.

According to the clip, “By middle school, girls are less interested to in leadership than boys. That’s because they worry about being called bossy.” Lean In Organization and its current supporters are committed to stopping this trend by encouraging girls to lead and to be strong.

And by the end of the video campaign, Bey reminds girls that, “I’m not bossy. I’m THE boss!”

Show them who’s boss by taking the pledge to #BanBossy, here.