The 3 Bigggest Moments From Premiere of Lohan’s ‘Lindsay’ Series


Lindsay Lohan has a new role … but this one is not on the big screen.

On Sunday night, the former Mean Girls actress’s reality series, Lindsay, premiered on OWN and it takes viewers behind the scenes of her attempt at regaining her career as she bounces back from her addictions and legal troubles.

In the first episode, Lindsay moved back to New York, which her mom Dina says was “one of the happiest days of my life.” While at her family’s Long Island home, she discovers her journal from her 2010 stay at the Betty Ford Clinic. Watch:

During the premiere, Lindsay also searched for her own apartment in New York City, but that proved harder than she imagined.

After finding one that she did like, her broker had a difficult time securing the lease. “When someone promises me something and they break that promise, I lose all trust in them,” she explains. “Because that happened when I was a kid with my dad, on and off.”

Until she can get her own home, the 27-year-old must stay in her hotel, along with her sober companion Michael Cormier, as the paparazzi wait outside for a shot of the star as she heads to an AA meeting.

Instead of going, Lindsay kills time by organizing all of her jewelry. Watch:

Lindsay airs every Sunday at 10 p.m. on OWN. Will you be watching?