‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Creates Romantic Video for Nikki Ferrell


Did Juan Pablo end up saying that he loves Nikki Ferrell after all?

In a video montage that was posted on his YouTube account on Tuesday night, The Bachelor star revealed his true feelings for Nikki after an “interesting 4 months of hiding.”

The three-minute video is set to an original song, which the controversial Bachelor helped write. After sending some lyrics to Obie Bermudez, the Puerto Rican salsa singer created a song titled, “Adventures in Loving You,” dedicated to “Mi Catira,” which means “my blonde.”

The video captures Juan Pablo and Nikki’s romance as it blossomed onscreen. From the first night they met to recent vacations, the intimate video, which appears to be partly filmed on a cell phone camera, reveals intimate moments between the duo that did not appear on national television.

“Let me tell you about a girl I know / she’s beautiful in every way / I’m going to make her mine today,” Obie sings. “So here we are and a rose is all I have / so take my hand and let me tell you why / cause you’re the only one for me / your love is like the deep blue sea.”

What do you think of the video montage?