Taylor Swift Pokes Fun at Herself in ACMs Spoof


Taylor Swift has made it obvious that she knows how to laugh at herself.

The country star released a “For Your Consideration” video for the Academy of Country Music Awards, in which she and her adorable cat Meredith team up to create some big laughs.

The clip begins with the head of Taylor’s record label, Scott Borchetta, realizing that she has yet to make her teaser to generate votes for the upcoming ACMs (already checked off on her to-do list was sell 1.2 million albums the first week of release, three No. 1’s off her Red album, and five sold-out shows at O2 London).

Scott frantically calls the 24-year-old to remind her that she still has one more thing on her to-do list.

“I’m actually in the middle of something right now, that’s actually pretty pressing,” the  songstress relays to Scott. “But, can you hold on one second? Do you have a minute?”

The pressing issues which Taylor had to take care of included painting her nails, catching up with a friend about her boy troubles, and cuddling with Meredith.

The teaser ends as Scott checks off the box “complete the ACM video” and the message, “Thank you for helping me with my to-do list (and everything else).”

The Academy of Country Music Awards will air Sunday, April 6, on CBS.