The 9 Best Lines From ‘Mixology’


On Wednesday night’s Mixology it was Cal and Kacey’s turn to let the sparks fly!

The two find they have lots in common, after realizing they grew up in the same town in Ohio. Cal (Craig Frank) immediately thinks she’s “The One,” and it seems he’s not too far off with that notion, despite what Bruce (Andrew Santino) tells him.

But will they end up together? Catch Mixology every Wednesday at 9:30/8:30c on ABC to see how everything unfolds!

Check out the 10 funniest one-liners from the fourth episode:
“It was the best kiss ever. It was like kissing an Italian race car driver at sunset.” — Liv on Ron

“What about Jim? Jim is always going to be there. He’s like a fungus.” — Maya to Liv, after she regrets kissing Ron

“And I want to live in a house shaped like a barn! Is that weird?” — Kacey to Cal

“You just keep marrying people. I’m surprised you haven’t married someone since we’ve been sitting here.” — Bruce to Cal

“Waitresses are just strippers with food. They’re just trying to get your money.” — Bruce trying to change Cal’s mind about Kacey

“I just want him to think I’m fun and sexy, like Anna Kendrick.” — Liv on Ron

“After graduation, Kacey and Brad moved to New York City and got jobs at Planet Tan in Chelsea. Their dream was to one day open a discount tanning salon for poor people who still wanted to be tan.” — voiceover on Kacey and her former boyfriend

“My apartment is on fire, I gotta go.” — Fab to crying girl in the bathroom

“How many organic grass-fed hamburgers can a grown woman eat before her stomach explodes?” — voiceover on Kacey