Happy Proposal Day! Celebrate With 15 Engagement Videos


Happy Proposal Day!

If you’re wondering when he (or she) will put a ring on it, today might be the day. Ranging from faux movie trailers to flash mobs aptly set to Bruno Mars‘ “Marry You,” men have gotten down on one knee and popped the tear-jerking question in the most creative and romantic ways possible over the years.

In honor of National Proposal Day, grab a tissue and check out the 15 proposal videos below:

15. A Mobbed Proposal

14. The Guy Who Fell for His Future Fiancé

13. Breaking News: An Anchor Gets Proposed to On-Air

12. The Most Generes Proposal

11. A Glee-ful Proposal

10. The Girl Who Planned Her Own Wedding Proposal

9. A Six-Year Proposal

8. A Night of Proposals

7. The Most Magical Wedding Proposal

6. The Zach Braff Proposal

5. Love and Basketball

4. A Wedding Proposal That Hit Close to Home (Depot)

3. The Live Lip-Dub Proposal

2. A Movie Trailer Proposal

1. The Epic Proposal That Incorporates (Pretty Much) Every Idea Ever Used