Lady Gaga Resurrects Michael Jackson in Epic ‘G.U.Y.’ Video


After a foil in Lady Gaga‘s plan to launch the visual for “Do What U Want,” The Fame artist deviated from the R. Kelly-assisted project and secretly directed the music video for her newest single “G.U.Y.,” which debuted on NBC’s Dateline on Saturday.

The epic mini-movie opens with “ARTPOP,” as a clad of businessmen fight over flying cash while the 27-year-old is facedown in the dirt portraying an injured winged-beast. As the music goes into “Venus,” Gaga makes her way to the iconic Hearst Castle in California, where she is carried into the Neptune Pool.

Revitalized by the pool’s magical powers — we’re assuming — Mother Monster emerges as a Vegas showgirl while the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast make their cameos as Gaga’s court musicians (and keep your eyes peeled for Bravo’s head honcho Andy Cohen in the clouds!). The extravagant visual immediately delves into “G.U.Y.,” featuring sex-fueled dance numbers performed at the indoor Roman Pool filled with shirtless male suitors.

In one scene, Gaga stands inside a mausoleum and resurrects Jesus, Gandhi, and Michael Jackson. In the final moments of the 12-minute video, Gaga infiltrates a corporate office and gets her revenge on the suited-up big wigs, along with the help of Real Housewives’ Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump (with her dog, Giggy, of course).

The video is so epic, there are actually four minutes of credits!

“G.U.Y.” is the follow-up single to “Applause” and “Do What U Want” off her ARTPOP album.

What are your thoughts on the mini-movie?