Ariana Grande Teases Four New Songs During LiveStream: Listen


After an unfortunate setback that delayed the release of Ariana Grande‘s “Don’t Be Gone Too Long” duet with Chris Brown, the 20-year-old made up for the upset by providing fans with a glimpse of her upcoming tracks during a LiveStream.

In the first video (above) teasing her song “My Everything,” Ariana gives a brief disclaimer. “I’m still, like, in the middle of the process and everything, but you get the point. I just feel like I need to make it up to you.”

Most of the tracks feature the “Baby I” singer flexing her sultry vocals over snaps and synthesized beats. The tunes are laced with the same pop-R&B crossover that defined her Yours Truly album except for “My Everything,” which is a tender, piano-driven ballad.

“I’m not allowed to play that much of it. I feel like I want to though,” Ariana says as she abrutly stops the second preview. “Ok that’s it. I can’t play anymore because I’ll get in trouble.”

Ariana’s manager Scooter Braun also tweeted an update on her forthcoming project last Wednesday, stating, “the new single from @ArianaGrande is coming….this spring. Aka #soon #verysoon.”

The starlet responded with some clarifications, saying, “‘don’t be gone too long’ is delayed for real this time,” and “you’ll be getting my 1st single off my new album sooner.”

Check out the rest of the teasers below: