McFly Singer Creates Heartwarming Video Documenting Wife’s Pregnancy


Tom Fletcher is no stranger to an abundance of media attention. After all, he’s the lead singer of McFly, one of the UK’s staple boybands who have had 18 consecutive Top 20 singles over the past decade. However, this week he’s been in the news for something a bit different: the touching video he created documenting his wife Giovanna’s pregnancy.

Titled “From Bump to Buzz” after their newborn son Buzz Michelangelo, the video features daily time-lapse photos of  Giovanna during her pregnancy. Tom is seen standing beside her, guitar in hand, and signing an original song, “Something New.”

Tom, 28, and Giovanna, 29, are known for their endearing and emotional videos they upload to Tom’s YouTube channel, many of the viewers not even aware of Tom’s fame. His heartfelt wedding speech has a whopping 12 million views, and their pumpkin-carving pregnancy announcement is almost at 2 million views.

Check out the video above, and a pic of their baby boy Buzz Michelangelo below.