DJ Afrojack Remixes Thirty Seconds to Mars’ ‘Do or Die’: Video


Last August, Thirty Seconds to Mars dropped a 7-minute music video for their single “Do or Die,” which features the band getting lost in the energy surrounding their arena-filled sets.

For DJ Afrojack, “that’s how the story goes” for him as well, so the 26-year-old created an EDM-inspired montage using clips from the Los Angeles rocker’s original video and fusing it with his vantage point. The visual makeover puts a scope on the electrifying atmosphere in the dance culture, and includes cameos from Steve Aoki and Skrillex.

In the newly-treated track, the EDM maestro spotlights frontman Jared Leto‘s soaring vocals by lacing the first verse with a consistent downtempo riff. As the house remix reaches the howling chorus, the Dutch music producer embeds a propulsive synth-heavy drop within the charged anthem.

Afrojack, born Nick van de Wall, will grace the main stage at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival on Sunday, March 30. He is also scheduled to spin at the Electric Daisy Carnival New York on May 24.

Check out the original track and music video below: