Wedding Speech Turns Into Epic Britney Spears Dance Sequence


This wedding speech is driving us crazy … but in the best way possible!

In a new video, a man named Bradley Bredeweg surprised his best friend Stephanie Huntington with an epic dance sequence to Britney Spears‘ “Work B**ch,” during his toast at her February 23 wedding reception.

Bradley — the creator and executive producer of ABC Family’s The Fosters — began his speech by explaining that he and Stephanie “have always been there for each other. But here’s the thing, there’s been someone else that’s been there with us along this journey together … her name is Britney Spears.”

“In a way,” Bradley continued, “she’s been the soundtrack of our lives, like I can think back to these little moments in our lives and I could look at all of these Britney Spears songs and videos … and look back at your dating records, for example, and think of a song that represents that: ‘Oops I Did it Again.’ That is until you met this wonderful man sitting back here …”

And at that, Bradley and a team of professional dancers pulled off the entire choreography for “Work B**ch.”

The amazing video even caught the eye of the Princess of Pop, who tweeted that it was “incredible!”