The 10 Best Lines From ‘Mixology’


On this week’s Mixology, Tom and Maya got to know each other better.

But one thing stands in his way of happiness … running to his ex-fiancée Laura, who recently dumped him because he “looks like a beaver.”

Will Tom move on and forward with Maya or get hung up on Laura again? Tune in to Mixology every Wednesday at 9:30/8:30c on ABC to see how everything unfolds!

Check out the 10 funniest one-liners from the fourth episode:

“Our roosters don’t say cock-a-doodle do. They simply say, ‘Good morning.'” — Ron, a Brit, to Kacey

“We either have to smuggle her out in a big giant bag or get Tommy out of here stat.” — Bruce to Cal after they see Tom’s former fiancée

“I have no game, it’s like a medical condition … I just feel like I don’t have the 411 on what gets you down in the groove. Maybe my milkshake never will bring the boys to the yard and I’ll never be able to drop it like it’s hot.” — Liv

“Sit down, I’m going to teach you how to destroy a woman.” Maya to Tom before he approaches Laura

“You hold eye contact with any guy for four seconds and even the dumbest ones will come over.” Fab giving advice to Liv

“She could always find a reason to break up with someone: bad poetry, crooked teeth, annoying coffee mugs.” — Bruce explaining how picky Maya is

“If you’re talking with someone and all you keep thinking is, ‘Oh my gosh how can I fake a seizure to get out of this situation right now?’ then that relationship is dead and you have to walk away.” — Maya

“This is amazing! It’s like I’m in a movie about roofs.” — Kacey after she and Ron head to the roof of the bar’s building to see the amazing view

“I’m paralyzed.” — Bar patron to Liv after she tells him to “feel better”

“Very well, firemen, you win this round, but remember your job can be done by rain.” — Ron to the firefighters after they rescue him from the roof