Most Outrageous Dress Request on ‘My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding’


There can never be enough ruffles and rhinestones when it comes to Sondra Celli, dressmaker to the eccentric gypsy brides on TLC’s hit show My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.

The designer reveals to On Air with Ryan Seacrest no request from a bride is too grand … and she’s had some extreme ones!

Sondra reveals one bride came to her and said: “‘I want a whole dress made out of wigs.'”

Sondra’s response? “I said, ‘Well, it’s going to be a little heavy too.’ I mean it was very heavy because once you cut them and piece them together and start layering them it becomes a super heavy dress.”

The designer assures us though it’s not unusual. “Gypsies are used to dresses at are 79, 80, 100 pounds so sometimes we bandage their hips to hold the weight of the dress.”


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