Anna Kendrick to Host ‘SNL’: Watch Hilarious Promo with Pharrell


Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick is set to host Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical guest Pharrell Williams.

In the hilarious promo for the show, Anna coyly asks him, “So um, Pharrell, are you ‘Happy‘ to be here?” to which the singer responded, “Sure, just like you’re ‘Cups‘ to be here.” The funny banter continues from there.

The 28-year-old actress also filmed a fun promo with SNL cast member, Taran Killam, who graciously offered to answer any questions that Anna had. She replied, “I do have one question. When does the show air? … Okay, but when does it tape? … Is it during the day?” The SNL funny guy responded, “These are all questions that can be answered just in the name of the show.”

Are you going to tune in on Saturday night?