Ellie Goulding Talks Breakups and Heartaches in ‘Cosmopolitan’: Photos


British sensation Ellie Goulding has been taking over the world by storm with her radio-reigning, chart-topping tracks and she’s not letting any relationship regrets slow down her momentum!

The “Beating Heart” singer looks absolutely flawless in her latest magazine spread in Cosmopolitan‘s May 2014 issue, in which she opens up about how her breakups and heartaches have made her a stronger (and happier) individual – which is reflected in her music.

Although splits may be tough to get over, Ellie realizes that the cure to getting over a heartbreak is to stop relying on the past and to start living in the moment.

“A lot of the despair in breaking up with someone is thinking about how you’re going to cope in the future. ‘What’s going to happen to me? Who am I going to find next? What am I going to do without him?’ But not being completely present prevents you from being happy and alive,” the 27-year-old dishes to Cosmo.  “As soon as you stop relying so heavily on what happened in the past, you end up being able to deal.”

As for her heartache remedy, Ellie adds: “I [used to] put men on a pedestal. They’d be everything. I decided to remedy that, and that’s why I’m single now. I’ve realized I don’t need a guy. I’ve got amazing, awesome, stupid friends in the best way possible. I don’t rely on a guy for anything.”

Ellie’s featured interview is now available on newsstands and go behind the scenes of the British star’s photo shoot with the video below: