WINNER: Elizabeth South Wins Best Cover of ‘Let It Go’

100632100632 Views discovered 25 talented YouTubers who tried their hand at Idina Menzel‘s “Let It Go,” and asked fans for their favorite cover artist. After five competitive rounds, they chose Elizabeth South as the contest winner!

The North Carolina-based singer-songwriter won the competition by flexing her powerful vocals and delivering a theatrical performance over the borrowed beats from the original track.

Elizabeth, who is also an elementary school teacher, has already released multiple albums including Do It Afraid, Christmas, and her 2010 debut record The Mysteries of Our Minds. Her latest original single, “Run Away With Me (Cinderella Song),” is available for purchase by clicking here.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. Check out the rest of the contestants and their videos below:

1st Place

Elizabeth South

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2nd Place

Jannina Weigel

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3rd Place

Grace Lee

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4th Place

Derek Govin

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5th Place

Caleb Hyles

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6th Place

Sonnet Son

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7th Place

Alex Boyle & Lexi Walker


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Lexi Walker


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8th Place

Christina Bianco

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9th Place

Omar Caban

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1oth Place


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11th Place

Connie Talbot

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12th Place

Kate Kim

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13th Place

Anna Pena

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14th Place

Madi Lee

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15th Place

Court Clark

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16th Place

Gardiner Sisters

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17th Place

The Piano Guys

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18th Place

Lara Loft

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19th Place

Daniel De Wolf & Olivia

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20th Place

Bethan Horton

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21st Place

Maddie Wilson

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22nd Place

Nadia Elimlahi

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23rd Place

Jasmine Clarke 

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24th Place

Bri Heart

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25th Place

Nate Smith

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