Connor Franta Goes Drifting for Coca-Cola’s AHH: Video


Connor Franta fans have been in luck!

Not only was the YouTube superstar a big part of the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night, along with his group Our2ndLife, but Connor has also been working with Coca-Cola’s AHH campaign.

In his latest quest to find his “AHH moment,” the 21-year-old hopped in a race car and went “drifting,” which is what happens when a driver oversteers, causing the loss of traction in the vehicle’s wheels. Ryan also pulled off drifting in a Ford car recently:


With a professional in the driver’ seat, Connor first experienced some “donuts,” which he said smelled like burnt rubber, then the two did some “figure eights,” all while clinging to sides of the car.

“That’s so cool!” exclaimed Connor. “That’s no an ‘AHH’ moment, that’s an ‘AHHHHHHH’ moment. Can we do it again?”

In a previous AHH video, Connor also attempted the training discipline parkour (watch below). And in an upcoming installment, he’ll be joined by O2L members Kian Lawley and Rickey Dillion at Six Flags.

The trio got their hearts racing with a few different roller coasters at the park, before Connor and Rickey took on Full Throttle … which launches thrill-seekers 70 mph up and into a 160-foot loop, which then creates its moment: a full second of being weightless, while hanging upside down.