Is Beyonce Going to Be a Bridesmaid for Kim Kardashian?


There’s been lots of buzz surrounding the upcoming wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West … and also a lot of incorrect information.

The latest report is that Beyonce is going serve as a bridesmaid, so On Air with Ryan Seacrest took it to E! News’ Ken Baker to get to the bottom of it all. So is it true?

“I wish that I could confirm that for you,” Ken explains. “Wouldn’t that be just an awesome story? … But there’s just no truth to it. You know where it comes from, basically, Jay Z is very close to Kanye. They’ve had a bromance for years, and actually Kim and Beyonce know each other very well because their two guys are close … And all of a sudden, they’re like, ‘She’s actually going to be a bridesmaid.'”

And that’s not the only wrong story out there about Kim and Kanye’s nuptials. Ken adds that also the date and location that has been reported is false!

“There’s a report that the wedding is happening May 24 in Paris at Versailles, but guess what, we already found out it’s not happening in Versailles,” he explains. “And I spoke to sources who said they’re still locking down the venue and they can’t have a date until they have the venue. So what we know now is that they will be getting married this year, very soon, probably before the summer. Right now, it’s all in flux. There’s no invites, so everyone’s gotta chill out. We don’t know the bridesmaids.”

While on the phone, Ken also wanted to dispel another rumor: Selena Gomez replacing her parents with Kris Jenner as her new manager.

“It’s totally not true and I was trying to figure out where does this come from? It comes from Kylie and Kendall have been hanging out with Selena, so some fiction writer at a blog somewhere thought, ‘Oh wouldn’t that be great if Kris was now managing Selena?’ But from what I understand, Kris has got her hands full with all of her own kids.”

For more on what Ken thinks and Ryan’s information on Selena’s upcoming music video, listen to the audio above!