Katy Perry Plays ‘Who Knows Katy’ With Fan on ‘Kimmel’


Who knows Katy Perry better … Katy or one of her biggest fans?

On Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the “Dark Horse” singer squared off against Emily, who is a huge Katy Cat, in a battle of all things Katy.

If Katy won, she would acquire Emily’s most prized possession, her Katy Perry scrapbook, while if Emily beat out her idol, she would go home with Katy’s pillow, which she autographed.

Emily got the point for the first question — What are the names of Katy’s parents? — and then followed it up with getting the second one right too (Which American Idol did Katy write two songs for?)

But Katy came back from her deficit … but not exactly with the correct answer. When Jimmy asked the title of the first movie Katy contributed a song to, she responded, “Travelinghood of the Sister Pants.”

Who ended up winning Who Knows Katy? Watch the video above!