Katy Perry Throws World’s Worst Parties in ‘Birthday’ Video: Watch


In her last video, Katy Perry took on the role of “Katypatra” and rewrote Egyptian history in her colorful “Dark Horse” music video. Now, the pop star is portraying the world’s worst entertainers in the visual for her latest single, “Birthday.”

The Marc Klasfeld and Danny Lockwood-directed clip — which dropped on Thursday — opens with confessionals from her “insane friends” Goldie the dancer, Yosef the MC, Kriss the clown, Ace the animal trainer, and Princess Mandee.

As the video progresses, the 29-year-old is disguised as these amateur entertainers as she terribly beatboxes at a bar mitzvah, eats a mouse at a petting zoo party, wreaks havoc at a retirement home, and becomes a mediocre face painter.

“Birthday” is a cut off her PRISM album, available on iTunes now.

What are your thoughts on the video? Would you invite Katy to host your party as one of her characters?