Couple Announce Pregnancy by Spoofing Taylor Swift Song


A Richmond, Virginia couple decided to break major baby news to their friends and family by spawning a music video set to Taylor Swift‘s break-up ditty, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

In the clip, proud parents Nate and Erica Eaton — who already have a 10-month-old baby girl — simultaneously express their shock and excitement for baby No. 2 while shopping for diapers and other newborn necessities.

“We are having, having, having, another baby,” they sing. “You’re shocked, so are your friends, so are our friends, so are we.”

“We weren’t planning on having another baby quite so soon,” Erica tells Today. “The day we found out, I think my husband almost had a heart attack. He is usually pretty vocal about everything, but he had no words that day. I think I burst into tears.”

Erica and her husband — who is a senior reporter for an ABC-affiliated news station in Virginia — also staged an over-the-top announcement for their first pregnancy with a satirical breaking news toss (below).